“The God Who Is There” Resources

Resources and Bibliography for Studying and Teaching on the Existence of God

I have given some thought to the value of having a balanced and readily accessible set of resources on the existence of God.

  • Allows the preacher, teacher and student of the Word to give an answer (with documentation) both to seekers and to critics to the Faith (1 Peter 3:15).
  • Makes it possible to more accurately and persuasively strengthen the faith and equip believers.
  • Demonstrates integrity in having familiarized ourselves with, and accurately represented, the views on those on "the other side" (those promoting a strictly naturalistic, materialistic explanation).
  • Keeps us conversant about some of the leading apologists…
    • of the Christian view: Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, William Lane Craig, John Warwick Montgomery, C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, etc.
    • of the materialistic view: Anthony Flew, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Dan Barker, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, etc.
  • Makes the agenda of "the other side" more transparent and the urgency of the Christian's opposition more obvious.
  • Keeps close to hand something to pass along to Christians struggling with their faith in this arena.
  • Helps show that many in the scientific and educational fields are believers in God in some form, contrary to assertions by some in the "no God" movement.
  • Provides a contrast to the postmodern philosophy that truth and evidence is relative. Even atheists who espouse this view in theory reject it in the scientific practice. So should we.

Below is a list of websites, multimedia materials, and books which I have found of great value in my research, preparation and presentation on this subject. I am sure that with the help of www.christianbook.com and www.amazon.com you will be able to fill in the details of publishers and copyrights on those books without those details. Books marked with an asterisk* I consider especially useful for sharing with teens (and adults, church leaders and preachers!) with questions but who may lack strong backgrounds in science or philosophy.

www.reasonablefaith.org – William Lane Craig’s apologetics website
bible.org/series/faith-has-its-reasons – 24 articles on the subject of apologetics (downloadable)
www.cslewisinstitute.org/node/1185 – free online apologetics course with 20 videos


Francis A. Schaeffer books:
The God Who Is There — deals with the existence and relevance of God, and modern man's rejection of belief in Him
Escape from Reason — How the rejection of the biblical God causes man to lose contact with reality and reason
He Is There and He Is Not Silent — How God speaks to man through the Bible
A Christian Manifesto — Christian principles and people need to be in the political and public arenas

John Warwick Montgomery books:
Evidence for Faith: Deciding the God Question, edited by John Warwick Montgomery
How Do We Know There Is a God?, Bethany House Publishers, 

C.S. Lewis books:
Mere Christianity
The Problem of Pain
The Case for Christianity

Lee Strobel books:
*The Case for a Creator, Zondervan, 2004
The Case for Faith, Zondervan, 2000
Access to a number of videos on existence of God, resurrection of Jesus, etc. at www.leestrobel.org

William Lane Craig books & media:
On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision, David C. Cook, 2010
Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics, Crossway Books, Third Edition 2008
Creation Out of Nothing: A Biblical, Philosophical and Scientific Exploration, by Paul Copan and William Lane Craig, Baker Academic, 2004
God Is Great, God Is Good: Why Believing in God Is Reasonable and Responsible, IVP Books, 2009
(DVD) What Is the Evidence For – Against the Existence of God, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, 2006
(DVD) Does God Exist?, Debate between Christopher Hitchens and William Lane Craig, La Mirada Films, 2009

Other books:
*The Source, by John Clayton
*The Presence of a Hidden God, by D. James Kennedy
Evidence for God: Seven Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God, by Andy Christofides
*God and the Atheist: A Lawyer Assesses the Evidence for the Existence of God, by Paul Ferguson
Thinking God's Thoughts After Him: Great Scientists Who Honored the Creator, by Christine Dao
Is There a God?, Richard Swinburne, Oxford university Press
*Is There a God?, by Dr. John Oakes, Illumination Publishers