Finding Good Books at Bargain Prices, Part I

Good Bible students are constantly working on building their libraries. Maybe I am old school, but a good book generally still works better than computer software (some exceptions, of course). For effective Bible study, you need access to reference works on Biblical languages, history, manners and customs, commentaries, geography, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

mardel_logo.jpgSo how can we get the books we need at the most affordable prices? I will suggest several sources for good reference works at less than retail prices. I will begin with a bookstore chain: Mardel. Currently their stores are located in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Check their website for locations. Unfortunately they do not allow internet ordering so you must go to a physical location.

Most book titles are discounted at Mardel’s. However, the best deals are located in their “Bargain Books” section. Selection seems to vary by store, but after visiting the Lubbock and Midland locations, here are just a few of the real bargains (the price is parenthesis is the suggested retail):

  • New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, Nelson Publishing, hardback ($24.99) – $6.99
  • Archeological_Study_Bible.jpgVine’s Expository Dictionary of Old Testament & New Testament Words, Nelson Publishing, hardback ($29.99) – $6.99
  • Archeological Study Bible, Zondervan, hardcover ($49.99) – $29.99
  • Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, Zondervan, 5 volume hardback ($169.99) – $39.99
  • Richards’ Complete Bible Dictionary, World Publishing, hardback ($34.99) – $9.99
  • Bakers Bible Atlas, Baker, hardback ($39.99) – $12.99
  • Zodhiates_Word_Study.jpgComplete Word Study New Testament, AMG Publishers, hardback ($44.99) – $19.99

These are just a few examples. As I said selection seems to vary by location. Enjoy shopping!

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