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May 6, 2008 11:14 pm

Another very useful website resource for Christian evidences is Apologetics Press. Producers of books, magazines, newsletters and multimedia resources, there is much very good material on their website for use in personal study, evangelism and teaching. As impressive as their “for sale” materials are, even more commendable is the large number of articles, audio files, and even books that can be downloaded free of charge from their site. In addition, more and more materials are being made available in Spanish as well as English.Apologetics Press does take a strong position in support of a recent creation of the earth and opposes the idea of “theistic evolution,” as it is often called. Some of their materials argue eloquently for this view. Most of their material, of course, concerns the more classic areas of apologetics – the existence and nature of God, the created universe, deity and nature of Jesus, and more.

If you are looking for professionally produced materials for classroom or evangelism, this is a very good resource. I particularly appreciate the recent release of several of their popular books in a free, downloadable format. This makes it easy to keep a copy on my laptop for quick reference even when the book is back at my office on a shelf. Be sure to read their “Usage Guidelines” when reproducing their materials to avoid copyright infringement.

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