Creating a Teaching Series, Part III

Having a theme and resources for my series, now came the execution. There was no shortcut for reading, research, note-taking and “assembling” all my material into individual lessons. Ultimately well over 100 hours of research, study and organizing took place. The final series, which I entitled “A Shadow of Good Things to Come,” consisted of 27 separate lessons, each delivered during the Sunday morning service at the Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, Texas.

Here is how I ultimately laid out the series:

        1 Introductory Lesson
        6 Lessons on Jesus in Prophecy
        2 Lessons on Jesus in Types
        3 Lessons on Jesus and the Sacrificial System
        3 Lessons on Jesus as Priest
        7 Lessons on Jesus in the Holy Days of Israel
        2 Lessons on Jesus in the Tabernacle
                   3 Lessons in Drawing Conclusions

If you still have an interest in this topic:

  • Here is a free Adobe Acrobat file containing the titles of the 27 lessons and a brief summary of each. Click here to open and download.
  • The 7 lessons on “Jesus in the Holy Days of Israel” are available as a set of 4 audio CDs. E-mail me for price.

(Some have asked for copies of my actual outlines. At the present time I do not have those in a downloadable form. I do hope in the future to make them available on this website.)

Article last updated August 25, 2011.

Resources on the Feasts of Israel

Some time ago we released our 7 lesson series on Seeing Jesus in the Feasts of Israel. There were many resources I used while studying and presenting this series. Below are listed just a few of them:

My favorite resource is From Shadow to Reality, by John M. Oakes. It is available from IPI Books for $15.00 plus shipping. The book covers not only the feasts of Israel, but the sacrificial system, holy days, prophecy, types and anti-types, and more. It is a great addition to any Bible students library.

Feasts and Holidays of the Bible foldout chart produced by Rose Publishing. Also worthwhile to make copies available to serious students in your audience. A set of 80+ Powerpoint slides is also available: Feasts & Holidays of the Bible PowerPoint CD-ROM.

Two freely downloadable studies by the Radio Bible Class Ministries entitled The Holidays of God: The Spring Feasts and The Holidays of God: The Fall Feasts. While these studies take the symbolism of these feasts further than I feel comfortable with, they have a great deal of thought provoking information and application in them.

Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles, by David Brickner and Christ in the Passover, by Ceil & Moshe Rosen are two well written small books with great insight into Jewish history and culture.

I have very much enjoyed reading various books and articles available from the En-Gedi Resource Center website. Their emphasis on the Hebrew background and mindset of the Scriptures helped in this study on the Feasts.

Hopefully, these resources will help others in their study of these unique Biblical holy days of the Old Testament.