Creating a Teaching Series, Part III

Having a theme and resources for my series, now came the execution. There was no shortcut for reading, research, note-taking and “assembling” all my material into individual lessons. Ultimately well over 100 hours of research, study and organizing took place. The final series, which I entitled “A Shadow of Good Things to Come,” consisted of 27 separate lessons, each delivered during the Sunday morning service at the Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, Texas.

Here is how I ultimately laid out the series:

        1 Introductory Lesson
        6 Lessons on Jesus in Prophecy
        2 Lessons on Jesus in Types
        3 Lessons on Jesus and the Sacrificial System
        3 Lessons on Jesus as Priest
        7 Lessons on Jesus in the Holy Days of Israel
        2 Lessons on Jesus in the Tabernacle
                   3 Lessons in Drawing Conclusions

If you still have an interest in this topic:

  • Here is a free Adobe Acrobat file containing the titles of the 27 lessons and a brief summary of each. Click here to open and download.
  • The 7 lessons on “Jesus in the Holy Days of Israel” are available as a set of 4 audio CDs. E-mail me for price.

(Some have asked for copies of my actual outlines. At the present time I do not have those in a downloadable form. I do hope in the future to make them available on this website.)

Article last updated August 25, 2011.

Presenting Lessons in a Series

There are times when a single, definitive, and passionate message needs to be delivered from the pulpit for those under my care. However, the majority of the time, a series is in order. This is already true in our Bible classes where a study guide or Bible book provides weekly lessons for a quarter or more. A lesson series provides time and opportunity to explore a book or topic in detail. All that the scriptures say on a given subject can be explored. More detail and background can be presented. The church can be led to see the cohesive nature of revelation and its grace and truth for us.

A series also gives me a structure and direction for my preaching. I usually know what I will be speaking about for weeks to come. I am a “bi-vocational” preacher – a new word for me! I work Monday thru Friday at the Sunset International Bible Institute; I preach and shepherd at the Tanglewood Church of Christ every weekend. Preaching in series makes it less of a challenge to develop my weekly sermons.

Therefore it is my practice to preach almost entirely in series. While not entirely followed, my general plan is to alternate a study from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and then a topical study. At least one series each year focuses specifically on Jesus – perhaps a gospel or his miracles or his teachings. A separate series is always being pursued at the Sunday evening services. Topical studies are usualy 3 to 12 lessons; book studies up 100!

In this series of posts (yes, this is a series as well), I will present and review some of the series I have found most helpful in teaching and feeding the flock at Tanglewood. Gradually I am posting the audio files of these lessons under the FREE RESOURCES section of this website; CDs with the MP3 files are also available for a small charge.

Keep checking back for posts which begin with “Teaching Series.” Perhaps you will find these useful in your teaching ministry as well.

Article last updated August 15, 2011.