I am beginning a series of articles on sources for good multimedia materials – this will include printed, computer-based, video, audio, and photographic materials. All of these have their place in teaching on biblical subjects. Our first resource is Rose Publishing.

This publishing house specializes in wall charts, timelines, pamphlets and PowerPoint presentations on subjects such as Bible and church history, origin of the Bible, evidences, world religions, etc. Their material is very professionally produced, attractive, well researched, and reasonably priced.

One line of their products I particularly use is their pamphlets. Now, if you are thinking “tracts” as I often read as a young Christian, think again. These are glossy 8.5″ by 33″ or 38″ (folded to 8.5″ x 5.5″), two-sided, full color repositories of great information. Priced at $3.99 per copy, they are low priced enough to hand out for classroom, home, or evangelistic studies. Presently there are over 70 titles available; many have accompanying wall charts suitable for use in a small classroom. Among my favorite titles are: Bible Time Line, Bible Overview, Feasts & Holidays of the Bible, Tabernacle, and Creation & Evolution.

Much of the material in the pamphlets on the Bible is published in a single hardback book entitled, Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Timelines priced at $29.99. Other books are also available along the line of charts, timelines and materials teachers love to use.

Another line of their products I use are their pre-packaged PowerPoint slideshows (30+ available). Most are priced at $39.99 but include 50 to 125 slides each, very professionally made and perfect for teaching about the temple or tabernacle, the Da Vinci Code, other belief systems (Mormonism, atheism, cults, etc.), and the origins of the Bible. The price is quite reasonable considering how long it would take to create a similar set of slides myself.

“Hidden” throughout their website are free downloads of slideshows and printable handouts of useful material. Click here and here for a few examples.

Visit their website, request a catalog, or check out their materials in your local Christian bookstore. I highly recommend them for their value as teaching resources.