Having a deep personal interest in the land and culture of the Bible, I am always on the lookout for new resources useful for teaching in these areas. One of the best I have found is the 7 set video series entitled, “Faith Lessons,” by Ray Vander Laan.

Each set is available in either VHS or DVD, and consists of six to ten 15-20 minute videos recorded live at significant archeological sites connected to the Scriptures. Sets 1 & 2 cover Old Testament sites like Mount Carmel, Jericho and Megiddo. Sets 3 & 4 cover the Gospels at sites like Caesarea Philippi, Jerusalem, Masada and the Sea of Galilee. Set 5 covers cities like Sardis, Pergamum, and Ephesus. Finally, Sets 6 & 7 shift focus to what it meant to be a disciple in New Testament times. See more detailed descriptions of the contents at www.FollowTheRabbi.com.

Different than other series I have seen, Mr. Vander Laan explains to his tour group what they are seeing at each site, then explains why it is biblically significant and what “faith lesson” can be drawn from it. In addition to the videos, teacher and student guides can be purchased. Price per video set is about $40, teacher guides – $32, and student guides – $8. They can be purchased individually or in complete sets.

Here is a link on YouTube showing a 2 minute segment from one of the videos with Ray Vander Laan emphasizing the race we run as Christians.

How good are these materials? I first purchased and showed many of the lessons during a summer Sunday evening series about 5 years ago where I preach. The length of the videos allowed 10 to 15 minutes following each showing for more teaching and application. So well received were the video lessons, that repeated requests have been made by various members to re-show the series. This August we began showing the entire series again on Sunday nights!

Visit the Follow the Rabbi website and sample some of the written and audio lessons available there. I am confident you will appreciate the insight and increased knowledge Ray Vander Laan brings to the Bible’s background. All the materials can be purchased on the Follow the Rabbi website, or at Christian Book Distributors at about 25% discount. Mr Vander Laan and his “That the World May Know Ministries” has also produced several other video series and books I have enjoyed. They are also listed on his website.