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ef·fec·tive adj. 1: having an intended or expected effect; 2: producing a strong impression or response.
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.

Welcome to EffectiveBibleStudy.com!

I was first challenged to really study the Bible with a view to understanding and applying it while in college. While I never achieved that degree in Electrical Engineering, I did gain a passion for something worth far more. Since then it has been my lifelong pursuit to study and teach the Bible effectively, and to teach others how. In my opinion, effective Bible study is examination and research that produces both accurate, useful knowledge from the Biblical text, and a faith activated response on the part of the student.

At EffectiveBibleStudy.com we want to provide a place where resources are identified, books are reviewed, and examples and projects are presented which are effective. In addition, since learning the Bible should mean sharing its message with others, we will also give attention to methods and suggestions for teaching and preaching what is learned. Of course, this will mostly come out of my own experience as a student, teacher, pastor and preacher.

The practice of effective Bible study is for everyone, not just those in ivory towers (scholars) and pulpits (preaching professionals). While those with advanced education or special opportunity may learn even more or plumb more of the depths of knowledge, every Bible student is fully capable of making life-changing discoveries in God’s Word.

Again, welcome to EffectiveBibleStudy.com!


Who is Richard Cravy? Born in 1948 in the eastern part of Texas, I attended Rice University (Electrical Engineering) and Florida College (Bible). I have been serving in church and church-related ministries since 1970. I have extensive experience in graphics, printing, computers & technology, and Bible teaching. I have been married since 1967 to my one love, Jeannette; we have three children and nine ten eleven grandchildren.

Andi_Aaron.jpgWorking together with me is my son, Aaron Cravy. He and his wife, Adrianna, are the parents of four of my grandchildren – NathaliaMicah, Gideon and Jael. Without Aaron’s technical skills and encouragement, this website would not be possible. His contribution to its success is at least equal to mine. You can learn more about his family at his personal blogs – www.thismythicallife.com. and www.inklingsandpaperthings.com.