Free Resources

We plan to provide an ever increasing number of audio and print-based resources for FREE in this section of Most of the audio files are MP3 recordings of various lesson series Richard Cravy created and delivered at the Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, Texas or at the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas.

You are welcome to listen to, read or download these materials free of charge. While our materials are copyrighted, we only ask you to give credit to as your source if you quote from or distribute free copies to others. You do not have our permission to charge for or sell these copyrighted materials.

Yours for better Bible Study!
Richard Cravy



2008 Effective Bible Study Course

Why the Bible (Still) Matters — MP3 Series 

The Fundamentals of Worship — MP3 Series

I, Paul: The Life and Teachings of the Great Apostle  — MP3 Series

Portraits of Jesus — MP3 Series

The God Who Is There — MP3 Series

Preaching – Messenger, Message, Method

Christian History & Doctrine Course Video (2018)



Sermon Series on Matthew Overview – PDF format

A Shadow of Good Things to Come – Overview of 27 sermons on this subject – PDF format

What Would Jesus Do? – 13 Lesson series by Charley Huffman focusing on discipleship, evangelism, and caring for others – PDF format