1. Jeremiah as God’s Messenger

The book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament is a mystery to most Christians – just like most of the other prophetic books. Except for occasional references to prophecies about Jesus found in Bible classes or sermons, we feel at a loss to recall much that we know about these men and their work on God’s behalf. This is going to be a short series of messages providing an overview of Jeremiah the man, his book and his work. We begin today by looking at his calling and assignment as found in chapter 1 of his book. Click to listen to Jeremiah: God’s Messenger.

2. Jeremiah as God’s Man

As we continue our study of Jeremiah, today we look at the man himself. His book gives us many details about his personality and his background which aid in our understanding and appreciation of him. His hometown was Anathoth, just a few miles northeast of Jerusalem. He was of the Levite tribe, the son of a priest. Such a family background meant he would be well-schooled in God’s law and Jewish history. Click to listen to Jeremiah: God’s Man.

3. Jeremiah and God’s Mission

Jeremiah spent over 40 years as God’s messenger. During those many years his heart was often heavy; he shed many tears; he felt alone! In this lesson we want to examine his MISSION – what did God want him to accomplish? It is important to realize that Jeremiah was not expected to lead the nation to repentance so that God’s punishment would not come. Even before his ministry began, the Lord had said it was inevitable. The only questions that remained to be answered were: when would it come, how severe would the destruction be, and how many would be affected? You may be surprised to hear what God expected of Jeremiah as his people and nation were rushing headlong toward the precipice. Click to listen to Jeremiah: God’s Mission.

4. Jeremiah and God’s Methods

Jeremiah was God’s man and God’s messenger for 40 plus years. His mission was a difficult, seemingly impossible, one. What did Almighty God have him do for those 40 years? This message focuses on the answer to that question. Among the things that stand out as we read the book are Jeremiah’s courage, boldness, and persistence. His language is colorful and always on point. He often “acts out” his messages with visual displays – breaking a large pot, wearing a yoke, or publicly pointing to a prominent false prophet and predicting his untimely death! Click to listen to Jeremiah: God’s Method.

5. Jeremiah and God’s Faithfulness

The underlying message of Jeremiah is simple: “God is faithful to keep His promises!” Sadly, the promises He was fulfilling are those of punishment and destruction upon the Jewish nation. They had broken the covenant they had made with Him; they worshiped other gods; they sought security in alliances with pagan nations rather than trusting in Almighty God. What promises had God made? To destroy their nation, their city, their monarchy, and their temple. To have the people carried away into a land not their own. It truly makes the book of Jeremiah one of “doom and gloom.” Click to listen to Jeremiah: God’s Faithfulness.

6. Jeremiah and God’s Hope

Jeremiah spent most of his prophetic ministry warning his Jewish countrymen against the false hopes they entertained. They falsely hoped that Egypt would deliver them. They fervently prayed to their false gods seeking divine help. They trusted that the mere presence of Jehovah’s Temple was enough for Jehovah to protect them. These were all false hopes! But, at last, when all hope was gone, and the armies of Babylon had surrounded Jerusalem for 18 months, and no ally was coming to their rescue… then Jeremiah was moved by God’s Spirit to remind them of the HOPE that was still to come. After their exile in Babylon, God would bring their faithful descendents back to this place. David would still have a mighty son (offspring) who would spring forth to reign over God’s people. God would make a new covenant with his people, one of the heart, and every person in covenant relationship with Him would know His law and have their sins forgiven! Hope sprang forth when there was no hope! Click to listen to Jeremiah & God’s Hope.