In Bible study and sermon or class preparation, many little things come into play that are part of my routine. After 50 years of ministry, I have pretty well defined my comfort zone for my work. This includes a certain table I like to use, which Bible I work from, and even what kind of pen and notepad I use for making my notes.

Yes, I am one of those old-fashioned guys that still takes all his sermon notes on a lined notepad. I may or may not enter the notes into the computer later, but it will always be the handwritten copy which goes with me into the pulpit.

Over the decades I have used many different kinds of paper for notes, never quite satisfied with whatever I was using… until some 20+ years ago I discovered the Mead Cambridge Writing Pads. Now, Mead Cambridge  produces quite a number of different notepads, but the only one I must have is made with white heavyweight college ruled paper with the double-thick chipboard backing. They make it top-bound either with wire or stapled.; I much prefer the stapled. I think there is also a version that is side-bound but I have not found a source for them.

Why do I like to use this, and only this, particular notepad? Let me count the ways.

  • The paper is thick enough not to bleed through even when using a gel ink pen.
  • The paper is smooth enough that the pen glides across the page yet ink dries instantly.
  • The college ruled lines are just the right amount of spacing for me without feeling to crowded or too far apart.
  • I prefer the tablets that are three-holed punched so if I want to place my notes in a three-ring binder later it is easy.
  • The heavy front flap protects the contents of the notepad even though I almost always tear out my note pages once I complete my study; but the front cover keeps the unused pages inside clean and uncreased and ready for use later.
  • The extra-thick chipboard backing means I can even use the notepad on my lap if necessary or resting on my knee if my legs are crossed. It also means the pad does not easily bend when in my laptop bag.

Should anyone else wish to check out these great tablets, here are links to the best online sources I currently know about to purchase them:

  • My favorite – the top-bound tablet (Item #59872) at for $2.88* each + tax and shipping; buy a dozen and add one other item and shipping is free.
  • The wire-bound top-bind notepad (Item #59882) available at for $6.48* + tax and shipping.
  • The side wire-bound notebook (Item #06196) with ivory note pages available at for $4.59* + tax and shipping. Or with hardcover and 96 white pages (Item #06100) at for $15.57* + tax and shipping.

* Prices listed were accurate as this was written.