Instructor: Richard Cravy

This package includes 18 hours of classroom study over 14 lessons on 7 DVDs. Also included with this product is an additional CD containing the resources and presentations utilized in this study. These resources include three PowerPoint presentations and five printable handouts in PDF format.


  1. Learn the background to the prophet and his book: personal life, historical, political and religious.
  2. Study Jeremiah’s prophetic ministry, his commitment, and his love for both his people and for God’s righteousness.
  3. Identify the various sections of the book, and study each in an orderly fashion.
  4. Explore the influence and impact of the prophet and his book on other Old Testament writings and on the New Testament.


  1. This class was originally taught in the Sunset International Bible Institute evening program from February thru May, 2004. Because it is in the classroom, students will occasionally ask questions not picked up by the microphone.
  2. The instructor does not claim infallibility, nor to be a scholar, just a devoted student of the Word. Please forgive any unintended misstatements, mispronounced words, etc. While everything was taught in good faith, some mistakes may have been made which we have not caught. The principles presented are still relevant.
  3. Viewers of these videos will get the greatest benefit from this class by purchasing the recommended reference books and maintaining a notebook as did the original class members.