Without argument, more paintings, drawings, images and statues have been made of Jesus than of any other person who has ever lived! Early catacomb images pictured Him with short hair and clean-shaven. Western artists of the Middle Ages up until today give Him longer hair, a beard, and more Western European features. But the truth is, the eye-witness records do not give us one shred of evidence about his actual appearance. Why? The answer is not clear. But this is clear: the gospel writers were not interested in what He looked like – they wanted everyone to know what He WAS like! Welcome to our study entitled, “Portraits of Jesus.”

In this series we look at twelve different “portraits” drawn of Jesus in the Scriptures, including His deity, Sonship, humanity, temptations, and more. The study has a total of 18 messages since some topics are too extensive to adequately complete in less than two sessions.

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