In 2011 at the Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, Texas we presented a 38 lesson series on the apostle Paul, entitled, “I, Paul: The Life of the Great Apostle.” It was a comprehensive and in-depth examination of the historical record of the New Testament, plus the cultural and historical background, together with Paul’s writings – all woven into a narrative of his life (as much as we can know of it) from birth to death.

Raised in the most strict Jewish family, educated by the leading rabbi of the day, and well connected with the Sanhedrin leadership, Saul of Tarsus seemed incapable of being touched by the gospel message. . . until that fateful day outside Damascus! This is a study of the man who became the most prominent, and perhaps most effective, follower and spokesman for Jesus the world has ever known.

Follow this link, or find “I, Paul” on our Free Resources page, to listen.