The Internet is a vast place filled with all manner of content. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to read every article that we come across online that looks interesting or useful to our spiritual journeys. This is where an app and service like Pocket ( can help. 

Pocket is a service that will save those blog posts and articles that you want to set aside for later viewing. It is incredibly simple to use and is available on just about every phone, tablet and computer that can access the Internet. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t save something to my “Pocket” to read later. Whether it is an article that someone sends to me via email, something that I encounter on social media or while doing research on any number of subjects, Pocket can save it for me.

One of the features that I find most useful is that it is available on all my devices. This allows me to save content from my iPhone, iPad, and computer and all of it is saved to one spot for me to look at later. Most of the time, Pocket will remove those pesky ads and other miscellaneous clutter and provide a very good, customizable reading experience. To make reading easier, Pocket offers many font and display adjustments similar to what the Amazon Kindle or Apple Books apps offer. A recent feature addition that I have found especially useful is a very strong text-to-speech engine that will read my saved articles to me when that is more convenient.

The best part that I haven’t mentioned yet is the price. The service and all of its apps are free to use. There is a Premium version that offers some more advanced features but I have not felt the need to upgrade despite having used Pocket for several years. 

Go here to check it out. 

Richard’s Add-on: I could not agree more with Aaron’s sentiments about the Pocket service and app. I use it every day. I may see an online article or story I want to save or read later. I click on the Pocket plugin in my computer’s browser or on the “Share with…” button on my phone or tablet. Later, I can open the website or Pocket App on my phone or tablet, and there are all the articles I’ve “pocketed” during the day, no matter which of my several devices I had been using. Each article provides a link back to the original webpage it came from as well. A Premium subscription is $45/yr., but the free version is more than sufficient for most users. And here is a 4-minute tutorial on how to use the computer version of Pocket.

Our images are screenshots of Richard’s Pocket account showing the same saved articles on the computer screen and on an Android smartphone.