For the past three years (2017-2019) I have taught a “Christian History & Doctrine” course at the Sunset International Bible Institute where I work in Lubbock. I recorded all the classes during the 2018 school term and have posted them up on my channel on YouTube.

This is about 30 hours of video and includes the Powerpoint slides and video clips that were presented in the class. Here are the resources my students were required to use for the class:

  1. Christian History Made Easy, by Timothy Paul Jones, from Rose Publishing – Amazon link here
  2. Basic Church History Time Line, from Rose Publishing – Amazon link here
  3. The Story of the Restoration, by Bill Humble (out of print)

Access the video playlist on here. I also have a 50-minute video presentation I made on “Teaching Christian History in Your Congregation” at the 2019 Sunset Vision Workshop; watch that presentation by clicking here. Should you like to have a copy of my class notes from the 2018 course, you can email me with your request at

The image of the Arch of Titus in Rome comes from This arch was erected for the Roman general Titus following his conquest of Judea and destruction of Jerusalem circa AD 70. This was one of the most significant historical events in the First Century history of Christianity.