My favorite Bible software program has just had a significant update to v. 12.0.1 for the Windows version. I believe I first discovered e-Sword, this FREE Windows Bible program, back at V. 5 in about 2001. At the time I was giving about equal time to two other packages, Quickverse and PC Study Bible. I soon abandoned those programs altogether in favor of e-Sword because it just seemed so much more intuitive and easy to use.

With this new version by Rick Meyers and his team, some of the features I noticed right way include:

  1. App Themes for changing the color of the basic interface window borders. Before, only gray was available.
  2. The ability to choose low light (soft off-white) and night light (black) backgrounds in addition to the standard white.
  3. A revised Resources Window making access to books in that windows easier to manage and use.

There are a significant number of older and public domain books available free through the program itself. Hundreds more free books can be obtained free through And a number of premium/paid resources can be purchased through At Sunset International Bible Institute, we like e-Sword so much we have converted over 80 of Sunset’s textbooks and study guides into e-Sword format for use by our students and others. I was blessed to head up the team as we did that work.

I have also taught a number of brief classes on e-Sword. Videos of two of them are here and here on YouTube.

The e-Sword “app” is also available on Apple Mac computers (e-Sword X for $9.99 in Mac App Store), Apple iPads (e-Sword HD for $4.99 in App Store) and Apple iPhones (e-Sword LT for $2.99 in App Store).