I know that every teacher, preacher and serious student of Scripture has their own “comfort zone” method of studying and preparing their lessons.

For me, that method involves a great notepad or notebook for taking notes and organizing my thoughts. (More details on what else I use and do in a later post.) So I have been especially excited at the approaching release of a well-crafted bound notebook from Mike Rohde of Sketchnote fame. Mike and the team from Airship Notebooks have a Kickstarter Project going on right now in anticipation of the October (?) release of this specific notebook, called the Sketchnote Ideabook.

I not only wanted to back this Kickstarter because I have Mike Rohde’s other books on the art and craft of Sketchnoting, but also because I love a good notebook! I’m in for 6 copies myself. I hope others will join me before the September 27 deadline to get the best prices.