A great way for me to learn more about a topic dear to my heart is through “podcasts.” These are series of audio or video programs put up on the internet and usually available free to download or stream using almost any device which can connect to the internet. This includes smart phones, tablets, Windows and Mac computers, Chromebook computers, and even devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home internet connected speakers; they are also available through the Spotify music program installed in many new automobile stereo systems. Rather than saying more about podcasts, you can go read this well-done article on www.howtogeek.com.

To be a good Bible teacher, I need good resources such as books, articles, videos, audio recordings, and more. But finding worthwhile resources is not always easy. So, at least when it comes to books, I really enjoy listening to The Book Club Podcast by Brad McNutt at www.TheLightNetwork.tv. Brad McNutt is currently the minister for the Walnut Grove Church of Christ in Benton, KY.

The Book Club Podcast issues about 30 episodes per year, and has been producing its 10-15 minutes podcasts since at least 2013. Mr. McNutt rotates his book reviews between the books of the Bible, “classic” (older) books, more recent contemporary books, and recently published books. Interspersed with these reviews are special episodes on various topics having to do with using and choosing good print book resources.

I enjoy these podcasts for several reasons:

  • It is rare to find good, succinct reviews of Bible resources, especially that are balanced and fair rather than simply a commercial or a critical rant
  • The host seems to have  read and/or is using all the books he reviews, and it is clear he loves books
  • McNutt describes in some detail the content of the book along with a brief biography of the author
  • He is willing to identify what he really appreciates or enjoys about the book, what he sees as shortcomings, and any teachings or viewpoints that seem to him to depart in some degree from New Testament teaching
  • Since the host is a minister in the Churches of Christ, his views closely mirror my own on most topics
  • Tells where the book may be found and the cost

I have listened to The Book Club Podcast for several years now, and have purchased a number of books based on these reviews. I have not been disappointed with my choice. Click here to see a list of “back issues” of these podcasts.