I was recently putting together a Powerpoint presentation and wanted to illustrate John 20:24-29. This is the passage about Thomas declaring he would never believe Jesus was alive from the dead unless he touched Jesus himself… and then Jesus appeared to him! But how could I appropriately illustrate this event?

I could “google” for images I was looking for, but the chances are great that the images found are owned by others and copyrighted. So use of them without their permission, – even if credit is given – is a violation of copyright and unethical!

But I was blessed a while back to read on someone else’s website about the Free Bible Images website (www.freebibleimages.org). Here can be found thousands of photos and illustrations contributed by a number of content creators all focusing specifically on illustrating the stories of the Bible. All images are free for use in teaching. More details about use and attribution can be found on the website.

I was able to use two photographic images from the collection taken from a movie about Jesus and showing Thomas and his encounter with Jesus that evening. I’ve also used images for other Powerpoint presentations as well as this earlier article published on this website.

You will not find every image you might wish to have, but Free Bible Images shold certainly be one place you go when you need that special image to illustrate a Bible story.

Images used in this article come from www.freebibleimages.org.