Josh McDowell is legendary among writers on Christian Apologetics – defending the historical reliability of the New Testament and deity of Jesus Christ. In his 50+ years of teaching and writing, McDowell has fulfilled much the same role that Second and Third Century apologists like Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Origin, Cyprian and others did for the Early Church.

Author or co-author of over 150 books, Josh McDowell’s most popular book continues to be Evidence That Demands a Verdict. This was one of the first books on Christian apologetics I purchased early in my ministry, and one I continue to use regularly.

McDowell’s website is at with a great deal of his articles, books, and other media available. Included are several of his books that are now out of print, but still have great value as part of a minister’s or teacher’s digital library. You can go to to download free Adobe PDF versions. Here are titles I have added to my digital library:

  • The Islam Debate
  • A Quest for Answers: The DaVinci Code
  • God’s Will & God’s Best for Your Life
  • He Walked Among Us
  • How to Help Your Child Say No to Sexual Pressure
  • Jesus – A Biblical Defense of His Deity
  • Josh McDowell Answers Five Tough Questions
  • Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity
  • Skeptics Who Demanded a Verdict

I appreciate creators of great and useful resources making them available to the rest of us!