I recently recommended a resource for free Bible land photographs in my article, Free Images of Bible Lands.These free photographs are available from www.BiblePlaces.com. Now I want to follow up by heartily recommended their paid resources!

Dr. Todd Bolen and his team offer over 17,000 high resolution photos broken down into packages based on region called “Pictorial Library of Bible Lands:”

  • Galilee and the North
  • Samaria and the Center
  • Jerusalem
  • Judah and the Dead Sea
  • Negev and the Wilderness
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Eastern and Central Turkey
  • Western Turkey
  • Greece
  • Greek Islands
  • Cyprus and Crete
  • Italy and Malta
  • Rome
  • Trees, Plants, Flowers of the Holy Land
  • Cultural Images of the Holy Land
  • Signs of the Holy Land
  • Persia
  • Complete Collection

Prices for these packages range from about $24 to $39 each, or $389 for the complete collection, on the website.

But that is not all that’s available. Bolen and team are now releasing a new group of packages entitled “Photo Companion to the Bible.” These packages include many new photographs not in the “Pictorical Library of Bible Lands” along with some repeats from that collection. Each of the Photo Companion volumes cover individual Bible books such as Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Esther, Psalm 23, Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and Romans. Individual packages range in price from $19 to $119. Bundled packages are also available at even better prices.

So that you aren’t buying “blind,” each package in both sets above offers free downloads of sample photos so you can have a better idea of what you will receive. Purchases include both a DVD and digital download for the one price, allowing you to purchase a package and download it immediately while still receiving a disk by mail in a few days.

Why should you consider buying these photo packages like I have?

  1. I do not know of any other source of so many high quality, appropriate photos at such a good value.
  2. Ethically, it is the right thing to do in buying the rights to use such photos rather than download them off various websites without the original owners’ permissions.
  3. Using these photos greatly enhances presentations by providing visual reinforcement to places mentioned in the Biblical text.
  4. BiblePlaces.com has a very generous usage and permission guidelines, allowing you to use the images in a wide variety of settings and media.