In 2012 I preached a 14-lesson series called The Dark Kingdom examining what the Scriptures say about Satan and his work from Creation until the end of time. This was very well received by the Tanglewood congregation in Odessa, and inspired me to organize my material better and do even more study to teach a similar 12-lesson series, Satan and His Dark Kingdom, at the Sunset Church of Christ in 2014. This latter series and accompanying study guide is available in my Store if you wish to have a copy of that study.

One of the resources I discovered and used in the above study was a pair of books written by Dennis McCallum. I want to recommend the smaller of his two books entitled, Unlocking the Mysteries of Satan. It is only available as a Kindle ebook (not in print or on Apple Books). The price varies over time between $1.99 to $2.99, but it is a bargain at either price! Different than many other books, it is not written as sensational, light and fluffy approach to the subject, but is a serious and scriptural study of a key Bible doctrine.

The ebook is a kind of “Reader’s Digest” version of his larger book, Satan and His Kingdom, which is available in both print and digital formats. Despite its brevity it is excellent, and all by itself would provide for a great series of either sermons or classroom studies. Here are its chapter titles:

  1. God’s Plan and Satan
  2. Satan’s Odd Behavior
  3. Spiritual Warfare Today
  4. Our Strategy
  5. Your Personal Battle with Satan
  6. Countering Satan’s Trump Card

It is about 68 pages long and take about 1.5 hours to read – not counting pauses to take notes, and you will want to take notes! Again, I highly recommend this resource!