A project at Sunset International Bible Institute that I have been involved with since its planning stages is the Sunset Digital Library app. At Sunset we have a large archive of older video and audio recordings of our instructors and ministers dating as far back as 1970. Some of the well-known names (now deceased) include Cline Paden, Gerald Paden, Ted Stewart, Truman Scott, Doyle Paden, Abe Lincoln, Richard Rogers, Norman Gipson and Richard Baggett. Others still with us include Ed Wharton, Truitt Adair, Ken Jones, Dan Rouse and many others.

Since January 2018 a team has been digitizing this archive and worked to design then release an app which gives free access to this great “Sunset Library” of media. The app itself was launched in April 2019 and can be downloaded from the appropriate app stores for Apple iPhone and iPad, Android smart phones and tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, Roku TV streaming devices, and Apple TV streaming devices. To locate and download it, search in your device’s app store for “Sunset Digital Library.” A temporary website is also available at www.sunsetlibrary.bible; it is best viewed with any web browser except Internet Explorer. A fully functional new website will eventually be launched which will also include a downloadable print library of materials.

The app has already been downloaded almost 4,000 times, and almost 20,000 files have been played so far. And I want to repeat that there is absolutely no cost to download the app or play the video and audio files. We do not even ask users to create a login or supply us with an email address! Over the next few weeks a number of my audio series are being uploaded to the app for free access as well. They can be found under the Audio Series tab.