Lifeway, the publishers of the English Standard Bible translation, is currently offering a free PDF download of Psalms in 30 Days: A Prayer Guide Through the Psalter, written by Trevin Wax. I could not find the book on their website, but received the download link in an email from the ChurchResources division of Lifeway.

This is not a commentary nor a devotional study guide to the Psalms. Rather, the author has arranged the various psalms to be read and incorporated into the reader’s daily prayers. The full text of each psalm is reproduced – from the ESB version of course. The book is arranged into three daily prayer times for 30 days. Each prayer time includes not only the psalms chosen for that time, but also one or more brief Scripture quotations from other parts of the Bible in line with that time’s theme, and also a prayer or prayers to be verbalized in addition to the psalms. The total length of the book in print form is 299 pages.

I greatly appreciate the work done by the author, and the generosity of the publisher to make this available during this time of great uncertainty, fear and stress among both believers and unbelievers. Being in the ubiquitous Adobe PDF format, it can be read on any digital device with a screen large enough to comfortably see the text. While phones are not a good choice, tablets, ereaders, laptops and desktops work very well as readers. I have downloaded my copy onto my 11″ Apple iPad Pro, then opened it in the Books app and it looks great.

The email I received making this offer did not mention an expiration date, but I would recommend downloading soon both for your spiritual benefit and in case the offer does expire.