Ligonier Ministries Free Study Guides

During these trying times with most Christians ordered to shelter in place or at home, and with all church services and classes cancelled, many different faith-based ministries are stepping up to offer free access to their materials. I mentioned and linked to several of them in a post about two weeks ago.

One of those is Ligonier Ministries, who presently makes over 2,500 videos available for free access. Now they have added the ability to download over 100 of their Ligonier study guides in PDF format for free that accompany their various video series. Many of the authors are recognized Biblical scholars and seminary professors.

These study guides do not require watching the videos to be used. They cover the same topics as the videos but can be used independently for personal and group study, or as a basis for preparing future sermons or Bible classes. Now, as a caution for those of us who are part of the Restoration Movement. Ligonier Ministries is associated with “reformed theology churches,” which means they are strong proponents of traditional Calvinism and Calvinist doctrine. A number of the study guides are clearly teaching this viewpoint of the Scriptures; you might find those of limited value unless you want to actually study Calvinism. Even so, I was able to easily find 30 or more other guides I found valuable for my own library and gratefully downloaded them.