“We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” These words by King Jehoshaphat (reigned 872-848 BC) of Judah were uttered in prayer to God. One of the good kings following Solomon, Jehoshaphat was praised in Scripture for his faithfulness like his ancestor David.

His prayer was uttered as he was preparing to lead his army and nation against a confederation of three mighty armies which had marched against Judah. Read the story in 2 Chronicles 20, including his prayer in verses 6 thru 12.

I was greatly encouraged today to read an article written by Louie Giglio on this prayer in Christianity Today. Some may recognize Giglio as producer of the popular “How Great Is Our God” videos and as leader of the Passion Movement and Conferences. I encourage you to also take the time to read his article as we continue in these fearful times.