Many years ago (1966+) when I went off to college at Rice University, I immediately had my Christian faith challenged and questioned by both faculty members and classes I had. That is when I first realized that I knew more or less WHAT I believed, but not WHY I believed! By God’s providence I was attending a congregation in which the preacher had come to faith in Christ as an adult by studying “Christian evidences” – a term I had never heard of before meeting him.

Studying the topic of evidences with James Wilson completely changed the course of my life! Now, after 50 years in ministry myself, I can say confidently that most believers I have known do not know much about the evidence under-girding confidence in the truth about Jesus, God, and the Bible.

My recommendation for today to everyone reading is Forensic Faith, by J. Warner Wallace. Mr. Wallace is a former homicide police detective well-known for his ability to solve crimes, including cold cases, using meticulous collection and examination of evidence. An atheist himself until age 35, he was challenged by a fellow officer to use his keen detective skills to examine the evidence for the Christian faith. As a result, since 1996 he has been a believer and vocal proponent about the facts that support Christian belief.

Forensic Faith follows after two earlier apologetic books by Wallace entitled Cold-Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene. All three of these books should be read by every adult believer, and the information shared with our children to help solidify their faith against the false and inaccurate claims they are encountering in our culture.

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