After taking a break partly caused by our present Covid19 pandemic, we are returning with our Pick of the Week segment again. And this pick is free as well as both fascinating and educational.

Expository teaching is a style of instruction in which an in-depth look at the Biblical text is the core of the lesson. Dr. John Piper is a master at this expository teaching. His website at gives access to many of his expository teaching resources. Recently one of our recommendations during this pandemic was his newly released book, Coronavirus and Christ, which he gives away free in digital format. As I write this, over 1,000,000 copies of it have already been downloaded! I greatly appreciate his Scripture-based approach in this book.

Our pick this week is also on the Desiring God website, and is called “Look at the Book.” These are actually hundreds of short video lessons of Dr. Piper speaking while “marking up” the text of the passage he is exegeting. His teaching is excellent. And watching the videos is almost mesmerizing as an invisible pen variously underlines, circles, draws arrows or otherwise emphasizes the words and connections within the text.

I encourage you to take the time to watch just one “Look at the Book” video… and you may well be returning time and again to watch and listen to more! The style of video is fairly unique, somewhat reminding me of the older Khan Academy teaching videos (example: Algebra 1). But it is not just the unique video style. The teaching itself is very engaging and rewarding.