I am a real knock-over for any documentary that combines either archaeology or history with a conservative examination of some part of the Bible. So when a whole series comes along combining BOTH archaeology and history with the Bible, I am all in!

The Drive Thru History team led by Dave Stotts are the ones doing it again. I spoke about their earlier work over a year ago. Now Stotts is the presenter in a new series called, “Ends of the Earth”, which is examining the spread and influence of Christianity from the 1st Century until the present. Five of the planned 20 episodes have already been released on the Trinity Broadcast Network, with a new episode being added weekly.

TBN has made it easy to watch! Episodes are being broadcast on the TBN cable channel (check your local listings). Each available episode can also be streamed using this link (you may need to create a free login first). Or you can go here to learn about watching using a free app on Apple iPhones or iPads, Apple TV, Android phones or tablets, Roku, or the Amazon FireTV.

I highly recommend the work done by the Drive Thru History group. I have purchased the DVD sets they have available so I can use them in teaching.