I wrote the following article almost exactly one year ago. But I continue to be impressed and blessed by The Bible Project resources, and want to introduce our new readers to this free set of multimedia materials. In addition they have added new resources over the last year we will talk about at the end of this reprinted article. Almost every time I visit their website or their YouTube channel, I find myself spending far more time than planned enjoying previously undiscovered great resources. – Richard Cravy

The Bible Project (www.thebibleproject.com) is a unique and valuable internet resource I greatly enjoy and regularly use for personal study. The project began in 2014 when Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins wanted to present the overall story, themes, and beauty of the Bible in a way that would connect with our modern media-centric culture.

Eventually they assembled an entire animation studio which is funded by freewill donations. They describe their misson on their website homepage this way: “We believe the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus and our mission is to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

Their videos and print media are made available free of charge for use in not-for-sale Bible teaching efforts. You can see how generous their permission rights are in the Terms of Use. They now have available over 130 videos and 200 podcasts which can be watched or listened to, downloaded freely and used for teaching.

To get a great idea of the nature of The Bible Project’s videos, watch this video and read this article on “The Angel of the Lord.”

Watch any of their videos here.

View and download printable posters here.

Listen to their podcasts here.

Their art and animation is varied and extremely well done. Most of the videos are short and can be shown in a class or group in less than 5-8 minutes.

Most of their videos can also be found on their YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/jointhebibleproject

UPDATE added 08/19/2020:

New resources now being created by The Bible Project include:

  1. Their “Church at Home” videos and teaching materials. Created especially for families or small groups meeting in homes because their local congregation is being impacted by the COVID pandemic.
  2. Classroom” – the beginning of free full courses taught at a college level. Currently in BETA, which means they are still working out all the details of getting it just right, two full courses and a mini starter course are available.
  3. Bible Project Podcasts” are available both on their website and through the common podcasting sites (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) and podcasting apps. These podcasts are longer form in-depth discussions of various Bible topics. Over 340 podcasts are available right now.
  4. A new short video series just begun entitled the “Process” presenting short videos explaining what happens behind the scenes in preparing and creating the various Bible Project materials.

Our image is a reproduction of the free poster on the Book of Matthew available as a free download at The Bible Project.

While acknowledging that there might be some viewpoints or doctrinal views expressed in The Bible Project materials which I may not share, I do recommend that you check them out!