Maybe because I’m cut from the cloth of the “old school” Gospel preachers, there’s scarcely anything nearer to my heart than getting more books for my library. But now with the changing of times and technology, most of those books are digital. They are scattered across several of the popular digital platforms – Kindle, Apple Books, Adobe PDF – but the largest number are embedded within the various Bible software programs I own. These include Logos, Olive Tree, Wordsearch, Pocketbible, and my favorite, e-Sword.

In this article I want to mention a way to get FREE books through Logos Bible Software. If you visit their website, you will observe that their software packages range up to $10,000+! But there is a way to get some of their books and resources absolutely free. Here is the way to do it:

  1. If you do not already have a Logos/Faithlife account, go to and select SIGN IN then CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  2. Once logged in to your (new) account, go to to select the BASIC package to download and install. Cost: FREE!
  3. Go HERE to see the 20+ free resources already included in the Logos Basic package. They include the Lexham Bible Dictionary, King James Version Bible, Lexham English Bible, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, the Faithlife Study Bible, and more.
  4. Now, to gradually add more books for free or at low cost, take advantage of the monthly email you will receive telling what the “Free Book of the Month” is. You can also see what the book is by going to the Logos website, click on SALE, and select “Free Book of the Month.” As I write this, the free book is The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Volume 8: Matthew, Mark and Luke. I believe its regular price is about $34! And on the same page you are offered the opportunity to add some additional commentary  volumes for $1.99, $2.99, up to $9.99. So, this month I was able to purchase a total of 5 volumes of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary Series for less than $25 total! Any other month they would total over $300 to purchase!
  5. Using the strategy above, over time you will have a significant library of good commentaries and other resources for free or at very low price!

Of course, the strategy by Logos is that at some point you may choose to move up to one of the paid versions of their software to enjoy some the additional features they offer. If you ever choose to do so, any and all books you received free or deeply discounted move with you without having to re-purchase them.

Now, as they say in the infomercials on late night television, “Wait, there’s more!” Once you create the free account with Logos and start getting the free books, you can then download their free iPhone, iPad, or Android Faithlife eBooks app. Install on your phone or tablet, then signin using your Logos account. All the books you own now appear within the app and can be freely read much like you would read a book in the Kindle or Apple Books apps.