Creation or Evolution? This is a question we continually have to answer as scientism has invented an alternative to the Biblical narrative of where the universe, life and humankind came from. This is a crucial discussion for many reasons, including whether the Bible is actually true, whether Jesus was telling the truth (Matthew 19:4), and if there really is a Supreme Creator.

An increasing number in the scientific community, especially among those who are not considered Bible believers, are contributing to the “Intelligent Design” movement. While not actually a formal movement, this is a new way of thinking, and it proposes that many aspects of the world/universe around us cannot be explained by random chance or blind processes. Their research reveals lots of examples of amazing design – examples which have no other reasonable explanation. No surprise that is where many of us have been all along!

A new book has just been published contributing to this discussion: Foresight: How the Chemistry of Life Reveals Planning and Purpose. Its author is Dr. Marcos Eberlin, a world-renowned chemist and expert in mass sprectrometry. And the publisher, Discovery Institute Press, is making digital PDF copies available free in exchange for registering for their free newsletter. To download your free copy, go to this webpage and request your copy. You will be sent an e-mail with the link to download the book.

Lest we think the author is out on a limb by himself, the forward has numerous endorsements from others in the scientific community, including three Nobel Prize notables. Even if you are not that much into some of the more technical parts of chemistry and biology, the book is still and good read. Highly recommended.