Martin Luther is one of the most interesting people to me in the history of Christianity. From young law student to monk to college professor to reformer – his impact on church history can scarcely be overstated. And yet, he seemed to be laser focused on knowing and doing God’s will, not on elevating himself or trying to profit from his eventual fame.

This month begins the 500th anniversary of his being excommunicated by Pope Leo X in January 1521… and all the things that transpired afterward. Ligonier Ministries are making a documentary and a new podcast available to commemorate what would turn into a “sea change” in Christianity.

For a limited time, Ligonier has made their documentary available free of charge about the significance of what Luther did. Entitled Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer. Numerous church historians, scholars and authors contributed to this 1.5 hour documentary. For those of us serious about history, it is a worthwhile watch.

Also available beginning October 10 is a new podcast entitled, “Luther: In Real Time.” If I understand its approach, each week the podcast will cover what happened involving Luther exactly 500 years before in that same week. This will include his excommunication by the Pope, his trial for heresy at the Diet of Worms, etc. The short preview already released seems to incorporate some voice actors recreating certain events and scenes. Following the link above will give the details, and how to download or listen to each episode as it is released.

Our image is a painting of Martin Luther made in 1529 by a friend and contemporary Lucas Cranach “The Elder.” The painting of Luther is available from the Wikipedia article on Luther.