As I read through the Scriptures, I am struck by how often the cross is pre-figured in the Old Testament, and how often the results it accomplished are emphasized in the New Testament. While I have preached on this subject in “bits and pieces” over the years, it was when I discovered The View from Mount Calvary by John Phillips that I realized the fullness and impact of the subject. His subtitle gives us a clue: “24 Portraits of the Cross Throughout Scripture.”

This is a powerful and persuasive way to preach the gospel of Christ, both to believers and seekers. The 24 “portraits” are divided into seven sections:

  1. Prehistorical – “Before the Foundation of the World”
  2. Pictorial – “Mount Moriah,” “The Sin Offering,” “The Sweet-Savor Offerings,” “The Passover,” & “The Day of Atonement”
  3. Poetical – “Dark Calvary” & “Is It Nothing to You?”
  4. Prophetical – 8 lessons, including “The Perfect Servant,” “Man of Sorrows,” & “The King with the Nail-Pierced Hands”
  5. Portrayal – “The Calvary Miracles,” “A Ransom for Many,” “There They Crucified Him,” & “Cries from the Cross”
  6. Practical – “The Old Man Crucified,” “Glorying in the Cross,” & “We Preach Christ Crucified”
  7. Perennial – “Worthy Is the Lamb That Was Slain”

Of course, each section starts with the letter P. While it would rush through the material, this could be preached as a 7 lesson series based on the sections. I prefer to preach it based on the individual lessons.

The book is a worthy addition to your library as well as a good resource in preparing the lessons. I highly recommend both this series and the book. Preach the Word!