A wonderful set of DVD videos which present the historical world of the Bible is “Drive Thru History” with Dave Stotts. Sponsored by Focus on the Family and produced by Coldwater Media, this a technically well done series. DVD sets are available covering Ancient Rome, Turkey, Greece. A great series of DVDs on the Gospels and another set covering Acts Thru Revelation are both very good. A subscription service is also available allowing all of the videos to be accessed over the internet.

Designed for use in home schooling, Christian schools, or Bible classes, the intended audience seems to be high school age and above. The host, Dave Stotts, is energetic and at times goofy; the videos fast moving and constantly changing direction and perspective. This presentation style will appeal especially to a younger audience. Stotts visits the actual sites in Rome, Turkey and Greece, discussing what happened at each place and why it is significant in history and in the Christian faith. He often participates in “re-enactments” which bring out how real and amazing a given place or event is.

I personally found much of the material fresh and faith building, with Stotts’ antics only occasionally distracting the older audience I was presenting the material to. Visit Coldwater Media’s website for streaming video previews of the materials and detailed information about what is covered. I highly recommend this set.