I was taught many years ago to never teach or preach on a topic without first checking what other trustworthy sources have discerned on that subject. In other words, I always double-check my conclusions and presentation against those of others. “Others” might consist of conservative commentators, fellow-preachers, or respected online resources.

Today I want to recommend the Christian Courier website (www.christiancourier.com) as such a resource. The website consists of some 1,600 articles on all sorts of biblical and religious subjects. The primary author is Wayne Jackson, a minister of the gospel since about 1959. In addition to the Christian Courier website and monthly newsletter, Mr. Jackson is the author of a one-volume commentary on the whole Bible and more than 30 other books.

I enjoy the articles I read at Christian Courier because they are well researched and written, logical, practical, and always hold the Scripture in the highest regard as their source of information and authority. As a fellow member of the churches of Christ, I want to hear the views of another who cherishes the same values I do. Even if I think a little differently on some topics, that is all the more reason to be reading Mr. Jackson’s viewpoint. I want to hear views well argued on subjects I am trying to teach biblically.

Here is a quick example. Recently I was preparing to teach a class on the miracles of Jesus involving casting out demons. I found the lengthy and meaty article, “Demons: Ancient Superstition or Historical Reality?” a great resource in my study. It was also a good counter to some of the not so well researched articles by others I had access to.