Modern technology has made it possible for any Christian in western culture to have an extensive Bible library and resources on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Being something of a computer geek (I work in IT support at SIBI), I am no exception.

The software packages I own and use on my devices include Logos, Olive Tree, Laridian PocketBible, and WordSearch Bible. But the one I use the most and find the easiest to use is the one that costs the least – e-Sword. There are a few other Bible software packages also on the market beyond those listed above which I do not own. And each of the first four I listed above definitely have specific things to commend them, which is why I continue to invest in them and their libraries of resources.

Here are some positives about e-Sword:

  • Basic program available for Windows (free), MacOS ($9.95), iPad ($4.99) and iPhone ($2.99).
  • Has a significant number of FREE Bibles, commentaries and other resources to download within the program, including:
    • Bibles: KJV, KJV + Strong’s, ESV, CEV, ASV, Lexham, Good News, and more. Plus Bible in Greek, Hebrew, and more than 30 other languages.
    • Classic Commentaries: Barnes, Clarke, Henry, Biblical Illustrator, Pulpit, and many more.
    • Dictionaries: Easton, Fausset, ISBE (1939), Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew, Thayer’s Greek, and more.
    • Other Reference Works: About 36 titles on church history, history, doctrine, Bible biographies, and more by authors like Pink, Josephus, Edersheim, Meyer, Schaff, Bounds, Moody, Tozer and Bounds.
  • A huge number of FREE additional resources available at with titles like:
    • College Press commentaries (older “green” series)
    • Preacher’s Complete Homilitical Commentary (37 volumes)
    • Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary
    • Zerr Bible Commentary
    • Biblical Illustrator by Joseph Excell (56 volumes)
    • McClintock & Strong Cyclopedia (12 volumes)
  • Available resources for purchase at such as NIV Bible, RSV Bible, Christian Standard Bible, Message Bible, New International Commentary OT & NT, IVP New Testament Commentary, Wiersbe Commentaries on NT, Vine’s Expository Dictionary, Zodhiates Complete Word Study Dictionary, Nelsons New Illustrated Bible Dictionary, and more. And all of these PAID resources are priced much lower for e-Sword than for any of the other major Bible software packages.
  • FREE 240+ page illustrated user guide available through (requires free registration for login). Just search for “e-Sword User Guide PDF.”
  • All purchased resources can be used in all versions of e-Sword without having to be purchased again.
  • An easy to use and configurable interface with Bible, commentary, dictionary, and notes windows all open and synchronized with each other.

To watch my presentation on e-Sword at a recent Sunset Vision Workshop, go to my earlier post about a new release of e-Sword (and also my “Pick of the Week” at that time) by clicking here.

Our image above is a screenshot of the e-Sword X version available on Apple Mac computers and laptops.