The favorite video series in my personal library is the series produced by Ray Vander Laan entitled, That the World May Know. The series now consists of 16 volumes plus two special videos.

Mr. Vander Laan is a Christian educator as well as minister in the Christian Reformed Church. Since about 1992 he has taken over 10,000 people on tours of Israel, Turkey and Egypt. These videos are shot on location during some of these tours. Not simply a tourist video of the locations, Vander Laan takes the time to explain what is being viewed and what are some of the Biblical lessons to be gained.

During my years of service (2000-2018) at Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, Texas, we would take time on Sunday evenings each summer to watch together the 5 to 7 lessons in one of the TTWMK volumes. Possibly, our members enjoyed the videos more than hearing me preach… and so did I!

I first recommended these videos on this website way back in 2007 when only 7 volumes were available. And they have only gotten better and better as additional volumes have been released.

How can you get or watch these videos for yourself? Access digital copies of individual lessons or entire volumes on the That the World May Know website; on the website they can be either rented or purchased. Additionally the DVD versions can be purchased on Amazon or through For those with Amazon Prime subscriptions, several of the individual lessons are available to watch free through your account. I have also seen various episodes available for purchase in the Apple TV app. Right now through the TTWMK website, you can watch the entire first lesson of the most recent series free simply by filling out the online form and requesting it!

Our image is of Ray Vander Laan taken from the TTWMK website.