For years I kept in my file cabinet two lists given to me by two older ministers during the first few years of my ministry. Each was a list of the 10-20 books they considered essential for me to have in my religious library. About half the books were identical, the rest different on each list.

I believe that I eventually added every one of those books to my library. Most are still in my library after 40+ years, numerous moves, and regular “weeding out” of books that have proven unused or not useful. Here I don’t intend to provide such a list for any readers of this article (maybe in a later article I will). Instead, I want to begin with this article to more or less regularly list books I have recently added to my library, and in some cases give the reasons why. Do not consider these lists as an automatic recommendation or seal of approval for these titles or their contents. Rather, this is to let you know that my studies and personal spiritual interests have led me to add these books to my library.

Amazon Kindle books added November-December, 2019:

Apple Books (formerly iBooks) books added November-December, 2019:

  • Of First Importance: He Was Raised and Appeared, 2013 Florida College Lectures, Florida College Press – my “alma mater” for my Bible education (1969-70). As above, it was more research on the resurrection of Jesus for a class taught at Sunset.

Printed Books added November-December, 2019:

  • Lexham Geographic Commentary on Acts through Romans, by Barry J. Beitzel – Editor, Lexham Press. Purchased used from AbeBooks.
  • Quicknotes Christian History Guidebook, by Carol Smith and Roddy Smith, Barbour Publishing. Purchased used from AbeBooks because it is currently out of print.

Books NOT INCLUDED above are a number of books and resources added to my Logos Bible software, Wordsearch Bible software, and Olive Tree Bible software packages.