One of the “Picks of the Week” choices back in October, 2019 (see here) was the “5 Minutes in Church History” podcast with Dr. Stephen J. Nichols. Over 300 episodes of this podcast have been produced, and the podcast has just completed its sixth year of production.

As part of celebrating six years of podcasting, a special episode was produced where Dr. Nichols and a key member of his broadcasting team are interviewed in the Renewing Your Mind broadcast studios. Listen to this special episode by using or downloading a podcast app on your tablet or phone and searching for “5 Minutes in Church History,” then download the episode “6 Years of 5 Minutes.” If you are using a computer, you should be able to access the podcast through Spotify, iTunes or Google Play Music as well.

In 2019 the 5 Minutes in Church History book was published in both print and eBook formats and is available on Amazon. The book contains about 40 selected episodes of the podcast in print form and costs $6 for digital, and about $8-10 for the print version. However, during the above podcast episode, it was announced that for a limited time, listeners could download a free copy of the digital version of the book for either Apple Books or Amazon Kindle capable devices through a provided weblink. To make it easier to access this free gift, here is the link provided in the show notes of that podcast. It does require you to create a free account with the Ligonier Ministries website to access it. I believe you will certainly enjoy both the podcast and the book!