I greatly enjoy reading about archaeological discoveries that have some connection to Bible history. Archaeologists who are also Bible believers often state that their science is not intended to “prove the Bible true” but does often coincide with or even illustrate some aspect of the writings of Scripture.

Earlier on this website we highlighted materials from Ray Vander Laan which are an example of this illustration of the Bible by archaeology. This week I want to highlight the website www.archwithtal.com (Archaeology with Talmadge). According to his profile, Talmadge Gerald is an archaeologist presently pursuing his doctorate at Andrews University while also serving as Assistant to the Curator of the Museum of Archaeology at Andrews and participating in digs during the summers in the Middle East.

I appreciate the articles, images and photos that have been posted on archwithtal.com because they are written for average Bible students like me and not primarily scholars, plus talk about discoveries that do connect to the Bible in one way or another. Most of the articles are short enough to be read in a few minutes and interesting enough to motivate me to go do further research on the subject as well as go on to read the next article on his site.

I will mention two of his articles I loved:

  • The Kurkh Monoliths – from around 850 BC, these were found in Turkey and recount in the Akkadian language to conflict between Shalmaneser III and Semitic kings at the Battle or Qarqar. Mentioned in the account is Ahab of Israel!
  • Genesis Among the Myths – compares and contrasts the Genesis account of creation with the Babylonian Enuma Elish, as critics of the Bible often site the Genesis account as a derivative of the Babylonian story.

Our image is a screenshot of the homepage of www.archwithtal.com.