Back in March, 2020 we recommended the Sunset Digital Library app. This is a project I have been working on along with two teammates for almost 3 full years now. Go back and read our earlier post for all the details including how to download the app free and access the website.

However, I am now recommending it again, primarily for two reasons:

  1. More videos and audios to discover. Our earlier post was written just as the pandemic took us all by surprise, shut down many church services and events, and otherwise changed much in our lives. In the seven months since then, our team has been able to more than double the number of video and audio files available to watch or listen to on the Sunset Digital Library app and website. Plus, discovery and usage of the app and website have escalated. The app has been installed well over 4,000 times, and viewership on our website is up substantially since March of this year.
  2. I have donated a number of my own audio series which can be accessed free on the Sunset Digital Library as well. To find them, go to the app or website and use the SEARCH tool to look for my name: Richard Cravy. Here are some examples of my materials now available there:
    • Riches Beyond Measure – Sermons from Ephesians” which is the same series I am now writing articles about on this Effective Bible Study website.
    • Then Sings My Soul” – 11 messages on the history of hymns and singing in church history.
    • Effective Bible Study” – 28 classrooms lessons taught at the Sunset International Bible Institute.
    • Portraits of Jesus” – 28 sermons on Jesus.

Again, I recommend you take advantage of this completely free offer by installing the “Sunset Digital Library” app available in your phone or tablet app store, and visit the website at